Welsh Girl’s Name Seren

Welsh Girl’s Name Seren

Seren's Word Cloud
Seren’s Word Cloud

Seren is a pretty Welsh name and it means star in Welsh. Seren is one of the most popular girl’s names in Wales and in 2010 the Office of National Statistics reported that Seren was the most popular Welsh name in Wales and the 5th most popular name overall. In England, this name was ranked in 288 position. For more popular Welsh girls names see our Top 10 list of Welsh Girls Names.

Seren a short name and it is pronounced in English as simply ‘Ser-en’.

On our site you can find more information about the meaning of other Welsh girls names and if your expecting a baby try our name selector tool at Welsh names for girls page as it has a tool that allows you to try different combinations of names along with your surname to see what combination of names sound the best.

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