Meaning and Origin of Name Rhian

If you are looking for a beautiful girl’s name for your new baby, learn why you should consider the name Rhian.

Rhian is a lovely Welsh name that means ‘maiden’ and is pronounced as ‘Ree-Ann’ in English. The ‘Rh’ letter found in the Welsh alphabet.


The popularity of Rhian is pleasing to any parent that is looking for a name that is not very common even in its native Wales asĀ it was not amongst the top 100 baby girls’ names according to the figures released from the National Office of Statistics in 2014. This means that, most likely, your daughter Rhian wouldn’t have too many peers with the same name.


If you are looking for something similar to the name Rhian, the name is a shortened version of the name Rhiannon.

Famous People Called Rhian

There are not too many famous people with the name Rhian to note

  • Rhian Edwards an award winning Welsh poet.
  • Rhian Lois a Welsh opera singer.
  • St Rhian – he was a little know Welsh abbot from Pembrokeshire.

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