Olwenna, The Rare And Beautiful

The name Olwenna is a very rare old name of Welsh origin. It is a derivative of Olwen, which has both English and Welsh roots. The meaning of Olwenna is White Footprints, or White Path.
The prefix ‘ol’ means ‘footprint’, ‘wheel’, or ‘path’, and ‘wen’ or ‘gwen’ means ‘fair’, ‘golden’, ‘white’, or ‘beautiful’.
Another common meaning of Olwenna is ‘Golden Wheel’, named after a goddess figure in Welsh mythology.

How to Pronounce Olwenna

Olwenna pronunciation: “OL-wen-Na”

History of the Name

There are not many references to this particular derivative of Olwen, and their histories are very difficult to separate. Olwen was the name of a maiden in one of the tales of King Arthur known as Olwen and Cullwch. This tale was probably first written in the 10th century, so it is probable that the name Olwen and it’s derivative Olwenna is at least that old.

The name Olwenna is actually very popular, in spite of the fact that the social security administration records the name as below the top 1,000 most popular names.

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