Meaning and Origin of the Name Myfanwy

The Myfanwy name is a girl’s first name originating from ancient Wales. It is derived from the word “annwyl” or a combination of the word “my” meaning “my” and “banw” meaning “woman” or “dearest.” However there seems to be some debate as to the meaning of Myfanwy, as it is also thought to mean “beloved,” “my fine one,” “my rare one” or “sweet woman.”

Pet Names

It is also often shortened into the nickname Myf or Myffy.

Popularity of Myfanwy

The popularity of Myfanwy is rather low even within Wales. It did not make the list of 100 most popular girl’s names for babies in Wales as of 2013 making it an uncommon choice.

Why the Name is Famous in Wales

It is the subject of a Welsh song popular in 1875 and may have been written as a reference to a 14th century love poem about a woman of the same name.

Some famous people with the name include: Myfanwy Waring and Myfanwy Talog the dramatic and comedic Welsh actresses respectively, Myfanwy Moore the head of all comedy content produced for the BBC, Myfanwy Piper a British art critic, Myfanwy Haycock the Welsh poet and Myfanwy Howell a Welsh TV broadcaster.

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