The meaning of Gwawr

Gwawr is a Welsh girl’s name. The meaning of Gwawr is dawn or sunrise.

Popularity of the Welsh Name

The popularity of Gwawr is found as far back as 467. In 2014, Gwawr was not in the top 100 baby girls’ names in Wales.

Famous Places and People with the Name

In or about that year Gwawr Verch Brychan Brycheiniog was the 6th daughter born to Saint Brychan, a legendary 5th-century king of Brycheiniog in South Wales. He had twenty four children by 3 marriages. Gwawr was Princess of Wales.

In 1849 the Gwawr Baptist Chapel was built in Regent Street, Aberman, near Aberdare, South Wales. A new Gwawr Chapel was built in 1849 to accommodate a congregation of 850 parishioners. Over the decades membership declined and Gwawr was demolished after the congregation declined to a low of 42 in 1963.

The popularity of the name Gwawr is found in the entertainment industry. Gwawr Edwards is a Welsh concert pianist who is known for his television and radio appearances.

Gwawr Loader is an actress who has appeared in the movies Tir, Indian Doctor and Cara Fi.

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