Glynis is a great choice for a baby’s name if you are looking for something traditional which is not too common.

Glynis – Meaning and Origin

Glynis is a Welsh girl’s name that is a variation of the name Glenys that means ‘pure’.


Glynis is not currently in the top 100 Welsh baby names (2012 data). In the 1950’s Glynis was more popular and in 1954 the name was in the top 100 baby girls names in England and Wales (figures from Office of National Statistics).

How to Pronounce Glynis

Glynis is a fairly easy word to pronounce and it is it made up from 2 syllables Glyn-Is.

People Called Glynis

  • Glynis Barber – is an actress who has appeared on the soaps Emmerdale and Eastenders.
  • Glynis Johns – is a Welsh actress who has appeared in many movies over her acting career.

Variations on the name

Glenys is the main variation on this name.

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