Famous People with a Welsh Girls Name

Here’s a list of famous people with a Welsh girl’s name. Our famous person list contains people predominately from Wales as expected, however it does also includes American a-list celebrities and actresses with a Welsh girl’s name.

Name Famous People with a Welsh Girls Name
Angharad Angharad Mair Welsh TV presenter
Anwen Anwen Rees-Myers actress and producer
Anwyn Anwyn Beier is a animator – Animated Tales of the World -series
Arwen Arwen Undómiel from the Lord of the Rings books
Bethan Bethan Jenkins is an Assembely Member for Plaid Cymru
Betsan Betsan Powys – Welsh political reporter
Blodwen Blodwen Jones a fictional cherector created by Bethan Gwanas
Bronwyn Bronwyn Ramsay a fictional character from the series Neighbours.
Cadi Cadi Mullane, actress in the film Nativity
Carys Carys Douglas the daughter of Catherine Zeta Jones and Michal Douglas
Catrin Catrin Anna Finch is a Welsh harpist and was the Official Harpist to the Prince of Wales from 2000 to 2004
Cerys Cerys Matthews
Dilys Dilys Price the fictional character in animation Fireman Sam
Eiluned Eiluned Lewis  was a novelist, poet and journalist
Elen Elen Rhys Welsh actress
Eleri Eleri Sion TV and radio presenter
Elin Elin Fflur singer and song writer
Ffion Ffion Hague wife of William Hague
Glenda Glenda Jackson politition and actress
Glenys Glenys Elizabeth Kinnock, wife of former Labour leader Neil Kinnock
Glynis Glynis Barber actress made famous in TV series in Dempsey & Makepeace.
Gwawr Gwawr Edwards soprano singer
Gwendolen Gwendolen Elias is an actress
Gwendolyn Gwen Watts was an actress
Gweneth Gwyneth Paltrow Hollywood actress and singer
Gwenllian Gwenllian Lansdown-Davies Welsh politician
Lowri Lowri Morgan TV presenter
Mali Mali Harries is a Welsh actress
Megan Megan Denise Fox is an American actress and model.
Meinir Meinir Gwilym is a singer and song writer
Nerys Nerys Hughes  is an actress
Nia Nia Talita Long is an American actress
Si^an Sian Mary Williams news reader and presenter

We hope you found the ‘famous people with a Welsh girls name’ page interesting. If you know of other famous people with a Welsh girl’s name who deserve to be on the list post them below.

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