Common Welsh Girls Names

Common Welsh Girls Names

Welsh girls names are some of the prettiest names around. In this page we’ll learn what are the most common Welsh girls names over the last century in Wales and also in England and Wales.

See the Popularity of Welsh Names in England and Wales

The population of Wales only accounts for 5.7% of the total population in England and Wales so we expect Welsh names to be less common than in the two countries combined than only in Wales.

In the beginning of the last century (1904 survey) only Gladys was popular in England and Wales,in 12th position. However, in 1954 Welsh names became more popular with Lynn, Lynne and Glynis all reaching the top 100 common baby names.

Towards the end of the Twenty century the names that were common in 1954 were no longer as widespread:

  • Megan (17th position)
  • Sian -(69th position)
  • Bethan -(74th position)
  • Rhianon -(91st position)

In 2010, only Megan was popular in both England and Wales.

Welsh Mums are Choosing Welsh Girls Names

In the latest data released by the National Statistics Office in 2010 you can see that only 13% of babies in Wales are given a Welsh girl’s name whilst in England and Wales this figure stands at 1%. Here’s the list of the of the Welsh Names for Girls:

  1. Seren
  2. Megan
  3. Ffion
  4. Carys
  5. Cerys
  6. Lowri
  7. NIA
  8. Bethan
  9. Tegan
  10. Elin
  11. Cadi
  12. Catrin

See our other pages to learning the meaning of these Welsh Girls Names or for help choosing a baby girl’s name.

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