Meaning and Origin of Alwen

The name Alwen is a very unique name to none Welsh speakers. It is one that you don’t see or hear very often outside Wales and when most people do hear it, they love they way it rolls off their tongues.

If you want to be surprised when your baby is born, why not choose a universal name? The name Alwen is just that. It can be used for either a girl or as a boy (Alwyn).

The meaning of Alwen is just as unique as the name itself. It means keeper of the elves. So if you are looking for something with a little bit of a fantasy twist to it, then the name Alwen is the one for your new little one.


There are several ways in which Alwen is pronounced, it all depends on where you wish to put the emphasis. For example: A-lwen, Al-wen, or A-l-wen. Normally in Wales it is pronounced Al-wen. Because of the flexibility of this name it all depends on you the parents as to how you would like your child’s name pronounced.

When you are thinking of how to pronounce Alwen, take in consideration how others may say the name as well. Depending on where they come from. So be aware that when you pronounce the baby’s name for the first time the person listening has a clear understanding of how to pronounce it.

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