Discover the Beauty of Welsh Baby Names

Welsh Baby Names are increasingly popular with parents in Wales and beyond. This website has been developed with you in mind and you can use this website to:

Choosing Welsh baby names can be fun
Choosing Welsh baby names can be fun

Why do Parents Choose to Give the Baby a Welsh Names

Parents choose to give their baby a Welsh name for a number of reasons. Here are some of the most popular:

  • They like the name
  • They’re proud of their Welsh identity
  • They like to maintain their Welsh heritage
  • They’re passing the name down from a relative
  • They’re going to bring their child up speaking Welsh

Explore the Popular Baby Names

The most popular Welsh baby names today can be found on our Popular Welsh Boys Names and Popular Welsh Girls Names pages.

Learn Today and Speak to your Baby in Welsh Tomorrow

Research has shown that children who are brought up speaking more than one language are able to adapt and speak other languages much easier in later life.  Give your baby a head start and learn the basic of Welsh before they arrive. Here are some of the best ways to learn Welsh quickly and easily:

We hope you found our Welsh Baby Names page helpful. Have your say in why choosing a Welsh baby’s name is important to you.

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