Top Welsh Girls’ Names in 2015

Popular Welsh Girl Names

Choosing a Welsh name for a girl has become more popular than ever. The beautiful sound and descriptive meaning of these names are contributing factors that help place them in the Top Welsh Girls’ Names in 2015.

Amelia continues to hold the number one spot for the Top Welsh Girls’ Names in 2015. Olivia maintains the number two spot.

Emily and Lily continue to be Popular Welsh Girls’ Names in 2015. These two names remain in the same position as the year before as well.

The name Isabella jumped twelve positions making it into the top ten of Popular Welsh Girls’ Names in 2015; while Isla and Mia both dropped one position.

Ruby and Poppy lost momentum in 2015 by dropping enough spots to take them out of the top ten; however, they both remain in the top twenty most popular Welsh girls’ names in 2015.

There were three names that made it into the top twenty in 2015: Isabelle, Millie, and Ffion. Seven newcomers joined in the top one hundred rankings. Nancy jumped sixty-five slots to finish out as eighty-fifth on the leader boards. Skyla plummeted into the top one hundred with a forty-one jump.

Here are ten of the top Welsh girls’ names in 2015:

1. Amelia
2. Olivia
3. Ava
4. Isla
5. Emily
6. Ella
7. Mia
8. Isabella
9. Lily
10. Evie

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