Tips Choosing a Welsh Name

Take your time when choosing a baby girls name

Here are a few tips to help you choose a Welsh Girl’s Name:

  • Take your time choosing a name there’s no rush.
  • Talk about possible names with your partner and family.
  • Try out lots of different combinations (see our interactive Welsh names for girls tool)
  • Look for names that fit well together. For example, a short first name, a long middle name and a short surname sometime works well.
  • Visualise the name by calling a child by that name when your cross with them. Does it still sound ok?
  • Check the spelling of name make sure you get it correct.
  • Nothing too hideous – your child will have to live with the name for their lifetime.
  • Think the name/s over for a week or two and go through the same process again do you still like the same Welsh names?

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Post your suggestion and tips below if you think that it will help others to choose a Welsh girls name.

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