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The Girl’s Name Megan

Megan is a girl’s name that originates from Wales.

Meaning of the Name

The Welsh girl’s name Megan is the equivalent to the English name of Margret. Megan is sometimes abbreviated to Meg.

Popularity of Megan

Megan is a popular name in Wales and in England. In 2011, Megan was the 10th most popular baby name in Wales according to the Office of National Statistics.

Famous People with the Name Megan

From the list below you can see that Megan is a popular name in the USA and in Hollywood:

  • Megan Fox – An American actress who starred in the film Transformers.
  • Megan Mullally – An American actress and singer. She starred in the television series Will and Grace.
  • Megan McCormick – An American TV presenter
  • Megan Griffin in a fictional character from the Cartoon the Family Guy.

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