The Name Siriol And Its Unique Heritage

The name Siriol that you have found is one that is pretty interesting because you first have to learn how to pronounce Siriol. You have to then look into the meaning of Siriol because that is interesting in its own right.


The meaning of Siriol is cheerful, and it is a Welsh name that you have to learn how to say before you give it to a girl. You might think that it is pronounced See-ree-ol, but it is actually pronounced Sirr-yol.

This is a very unique name and you don’t often hear people called Siriol (it wasn’t in the top 100 baby girls names in Wales in 2016). Siriol has Welsh roots that will remind you that it has a joyful meaning.

People with the name Siriol

  • Siriol Jenkins is an actress who appeared in the Welsh TV series Stella
  • Siriol Joyner is an independent choreographer from Aberystwyth in Mid Wales
  • Siriol Burford won an award for being one of the most inspiring women in Wales in 2017.


You can look deeper into this name finding out that it has been used on characters in a lot of old tales that come from a long time ago. You can use those stories to teach a girl about them name, and you will find that the popularity of Siriol has not cracked the top 100 because it is not the first name that parents will think of. This is one that you can use to be sure that you will give your baby something that you think stands out.

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