The name of Olwen and its origins


The name Olwen, is a charming Welsh name for girls. It’s etymological origins are based from “ol”, which means footprint and “gwen” which means fair.

Mythological Origins & Meaning

The meaning of Olwen, is “white footprint”, and it comes straight out Welsh mythology. In the legendary tale of Olwen & Cullwch, Olwen is a beautiful and fair woman, sought after as a prize bride by Prince Cullwch. Cullwch had been previously cursed to marry Olwen, but in order to do so Cullwch had to complete near impossible tasks(with help from King Arthur) created by Olwen’s father, to prove his worthiness. Once married, Olwen’s father Yspaddaden, would be destined to die.

Popularity of Olwen

The popularity of the Olwen name, isn’t very large. According to the social security administration, it doesn’t even land among the top 1000 names. Nonetheless, this makes it an extremely rare, but unique and beautiful name at best.

Notable persons the Olwen Name

Here’s a list of a few people with the name:

  • American Playwright Olwen Wymark
  • British Historian Olwen Hufton
  • Irish politician Olwyn Enright
  • Irish Actress Olwen Fouère

Useful Resources

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