Welsh Girls Names


History and Meaning of the Baby Name Non

If you are choosing a baby girl name you should consider the name Non. This name was not one of the most popular names but it is still a great name with a lot of history.

Non is an unusual name that you may not see many places but is a beautiful name and has meanings in the religious texts. The name is said to mean nun which is a woman who gives her life to God. What a wonderful name to give your child.

Famous People with the Name Non

Church of St Non

There are several famous people named Non. One of which was the mother of Saint David, who is the Patron Saint of Wales. There are several chapels and churches that are named Non in remembrance of t Saint Non. Her shrine can still be seen at Dirinon’s Parish Church.

Another famous person with the name Non is Non Evans. Non Evans is a well known welsh sportswoman. She has competed in many different sports activities all over the world. This has including weightlifting, freestyle wrestling, judo, and rugby union.

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