Meaning of the Name Nerys

A persons name defines who they are. You should take your time, and research the history of your child’s name. There are a lot of Welsh names that fit well together. Nerys name is a feminine suggestion, and historians believe the meaning of Nerys is “lady” or “madam”. It is derived from Old Welsh that means “white lady” (Generys).

Famous People with the Name

Although the popularity of Nerys has not reached the top 100, it is still quite common among celebrities. Nerys Hughes is a popular Welsh actress, and Nerys Evans is a famous politician. Some other fictional characters who bear the name Nerys include the supporting character in the British show Dr. Who, a character in the novel Gaffers’ Row, and the mother of one of the characters in the British comedy My Family.


It is estimated that the popularity of Nerys (pronounced NER-iss) is around 0.001%, and around 7600 people are named Nerys. Parents mostly gave the name Nerys to reflect their daughters national identity. There are various spellings of the name Nerys, such as Neriss or Nerysse. However, this name was not in the top 100 most popular girls’ names in Wales in 2013.

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