Names I to Y

Learn about Welsh girls first names starting with the letters I to Y.

In this list you’ll discover the meaning and popularity of these girl’s names including Lili, Mai, Mabli, Nia and Seren.

Name Description Popularity
Ifanna Female version of the name Ifan *
Ina Daughter of Ceredig *
Iola Feminine form of Iolo *
Iona From Ionawr welsh word for January *
Irwen Female version of Irwyn *
Leri Dimiuntive form of Meleri,Eleri and Teleri *
Lili Welsh version of Lily **
Liliwen Means white lily *
Llian Diminutive form of Gwenllian **
Llinos Linnet in Welsh **
Llion Pet form of Gwenllian *
Lona Diminutive form of Moelona *
Lowri Welsh form of Laura ****
Luned From Eluned **
Lyn Variant for of Lynn **
Lynn From the Welsh word for lake, llyn **
Lynne Variant for of Lynn **

Rhoswen Rhoswen means white rose *
Mabli The Welsh name for Mable **
Madlen Welsh girl’s name for Magdalene *
Mai Welsh for the month of May ***
Mair Welsh girl’s name for Mary ***
Mairwen Combination of Mair and wen (fair) *
Mali Welsh form of Molly derivative of Mary **
Mallt Matilda in Welsh *
Manod Mountain in West Wales *
Manon This name means Queen *
Marged Welsh form of Margaret **
Mari Welsh form of Mary ***
Mati From Marged *
Medi Welsh name for September **
Megan From Margaret *****
Meinir Meaning slender and tall ***
Meleri St David’s grandmother **
Men Pet form of Menna *
Mererid Means pearl *
Mona Place name in Anglsey *
Myfanwy Derived from annwyl, ‘beloved’. Popular Welsh song. ***
Myfi Short for the Welsh girls name Myfanwy **
Nerys Derived from Generys ***
Nest Welsh form of Agnes *
Nesta Welsh form of Agnes **
Nia The Welsh for of the Irish name of Niamh. Meaning Brightness. *****
Non Mother of St David **
Olwen From King Arthur mythical stories **
Olwenna Variant of Welsh girl’s name Olwen *
Owena Female version of Owen *
Prydwen *
Rhiain Means maiden *
Rhian From the Welsh word ‘rhiain’ meaning maiden ****
Rhiannon From the Mabinogion ***
Rhona Pet form of the name Rhonwen *
Sara From the girl’s name Sarah ****
Seren Welsh name for star *****
Si^an The Welsh form of Jane ****
Siani Variant of Sian **
Sioned Female form of Si^on **
Siriol Means content **
Siwan The Welsh name for Joan **
Tanwen Meaning white (gwen) fire (t^an) in Welsh *
Tagwen Famale version of Tegwyn *
Tegan From the Welsh word ‘teg’ meaning fair. Also Welsh word for toy ***
Teleri Variant on Eleri **
Tirion Means gentle and happy *
Tonwen Origins unknown *

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