Welsh Girls Names

Name Cerys

Name Cerys

Cerys is a Welsh girl’s name. It can also be spelt as Ceris. The name Cerys dates back to old Welsh documentation. Pwll Ceris is a name of a pool of water in the Menai Straits in north Wales.

Meaning of the Name Cerys

What does the name Cerys mean? The name is thought to originate from the Welsh word caru which means love.

Popularity of the Name

Cerys is the 12th most popular Welsh baby name in Wales according to the Office of National Statistics placing it overall in 81st position overall (in 2013). Carys is slightly more popular than a similar sounding name Cerys .

Cerys Pronunciation

So how do you pronounce Cerys? In English it would be pronounced as ‘CARE – IS’

Famous people with the name Cerys

Cerys Matthews – is a singer and song writer from Wales who became famous with the singles “Mulder and Scully” and “Road Rage” with the band Catatonia.

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