Meaning and Origin of the Name Meleri

The name Meleri can be attributed to Saint Meleri verch Brychan, born in modern day Wales around the year 428 C.E. She was one of the many children born to Brychan Brycheiniog, who was a King in Brycheiniog. The kingdom was named after Brychan, who was well liked as a king. He was never offically made a saint, but many of his children were, Meleri included.

Meleri was married to Ceredig, who was king of Ceredigion. Meleri is said to be the grandmother of Saint David, who was concieved when Ceredig’s son Sanctus raped the virgin Nonita. Brychan and Ceredig were members of the two most prominent holy families in Wales, making Meleri an important figure in their history, as her marriage to Ceredig brought these two families together.

It’s unclear why Meleri was made a saint, although many women of the time were sainted because they were related to other prominent saints. For this reason, many believe Meleri gained her sainthood by way of her relationship to Saint David.

Popularity of Meleri

Meleri was not in the top 100 girls’ names in Wales in 2013.

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