Meaning and Origin of the Girl’s Name Mari

Mari name is Welsh in origin and has some interesting defined variants. The meaning of Mari is defined as bitter from the Hebrew Mah or Marah. In the Bible, the Torah cites Marah as having been a place the children of Israel travelled through during the 40-year exodus from Egypt.

The meaning of Mari is a variation on the name Mair. This means star of the sea from the Latin derivation “Stella Maris”. At the time of Saint Jerome, this name was seen to provide a semblance of hope for Christian believers based on the role she is identified.


The popularity of Mari as a name was estimated to be ranked at 100 in 2009. Beyond this name being Welsh in origin, facts concerning famous persons, or international citations of this name are sparse. In England the variant Mary is found more frequently than Mari. Though not extinct, sources assert that Mari was not among the top 100 popular Welsh baby names in 2013.

Variations of the Name

Internationally, variants on Mari include Mary, Italian, Marah,Hebrew, Zari, African and American, and Kari, French and American.

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