Welsh Girls Names


Meaning and Popularity of the Name Marged

One of the names that has been long associated with Wales is the name Marged. Marged is not one of the most popular names currently in Wales, but it has been historically.

Marged is the Welsh version of the name Margaret which means Pearl. it originally came from the Greeks. Popularity of Marged has waxed and waned throughout the years and it was not in the top 100 baby girls’s names in Wales in 2014.  It was however more popular during the 1930’s.

History of the Name Marged

Margaret was the patron saint of fertility, and has been popular world wide with many different variations of the name according to the country and the culture. Marged was the name that was very much a Welsh tradition and common name at one point in time. Some popular people with the name Marged are Marged_Tudor and Marged_FerchIfan.

The name Marged is very associated with Wales. Margaret has historically been a very popular name worldwide as mentioned, and the Welsh version of the name is something that was long used in Wales, generally earlier in time.

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