Meaning and Origin of the Name Manon

Manon, is a female name that is the diminutive of Marie. Manon is derived from the French name Madeline. It also serves as a nickname for Marie.

The Welsh meaning of Manon is “queen and the most beautiful”. Another Manon meaning in Wales is the “wished-for child.” Manon is a popular name.


The name Manon is currently a popular name for girls in Wales, France and Belgium. Manon as a Welsh language girl’s name is more popular in North Wales than in South Wales. It was one of the top girls Welsh originating baby name in the United Kingdom in 2015.

Famous People Called Manon

There are numerous famous women that had the name Manon. Artists, filmmakers, politicians, and athletes have been called Manon. Manon, the name of a famous Swiss artist. Manon Barbe, was a city councillor in the city of Montreal, Quebec and borough mayor of LaSalle. Manon Barbeau, from Quebec, is a filmmaker.

Manon Nummerdor-Flier, is a Dutch volleyball player. Manon van der Meer-Masseurs and Manon van Rooijen are Olympic swimmers from Rotterdam and Leerdam, respectively. Gabriëlla Maria “Manon” Melis is a Dutch professional footballer. Manon Rhéaume, a silver medalist in the 1998 Olympic Hockey. Manon von Gerkan is a German model and actress.

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