Origin of the Girl’s Name Lynne

The name Lynne originated from the Welsh word, llyn, which means lake. This beautiful name has been the given moniker for many Welsh boys and girls. It has been said that other origins include German and Hebrew backgrounds.


The meaning of Lynne is lake from the Welsh word llyn which could be because of its flowing nature when spoken. Before the 20th century, Lynne was used for primarily boys but now it is a more common girl’s name. The meaning of Lynne could also include pond, waterfall and pool all dependent on its usage and spelling. Lynne, in any form, all revolve around some sort of body of water which to many means beauty.


The popularity of Lynne has fallen over the years. It was not ranked in the top 100 Welsh names in 2013 according to government statistics. It has, however, become a more popular middle name and also as an added suffix to preexisting given names.

How to Pronounce Lynne

The name Lynne is phonetically pronounced Lin.

Famous People Named Lynne

• Lynne McGranger- Actress
• Lynne Featherstone- British Member of Parliament
• Lynne Hobbs- Fictional Character
• Lynne Cheney- Historian/Author and also Dick Cheney’s wife

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