The Meaning Of Lynn And Its Origin

The name Lynn is associated with water. Its origin is believed to be from the Welsh word llyn which means lake in the Welsh language.

Lynn can also mean a pool of water, a waterfall, a pond and even a flowing brook. Some historians believe that the name Lynn was given to people who resided near a body of water in ancient Britain.

Lynn is also thought to be a shorter version of the name Lynette. Another possible meaning of Lynn is beautiful. It can also mean ruddy in complexion, referring to a red haired individual.

The Popularity Of Lynn

Lynn is not one of the top 100 names for girls in Wales according to the latest census taken in 2014. The popularity of Lynn seems to be declining.

It is however frequently used as middle name now. Lynn is also commonly found as an addition to another girl name at the end, such as in the name Katelynn for example.

Famous Women With The Name Lynn

There are many famous women who are named Lynn. Some examples include world famous American rock climber Lynn Hill, British actress Lynn Redgrave and British journalist and author Lynn Barber.

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