Meaning and popularity of the Welsh name Llinos

The name Llinos is a Welsh spelling and pronunciation of the name Linnet. The Llinos name is commonly given to a baby girl, but it is also popular as a name for adults. Some people called Llinos as a baby, and then begin to adopt the adult Linnet as they get older. The name Linnet takes its meaning from the Welsh surname Eluned, which is then derived from the name Cilun. The overall meaning of Llinos in Welsh is “Idol”, and the name is commonly picked by persons who value outward personalities who are compassionate. The name Llinos also has some roots in French, where it is a reference to a flaxen songbird.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Llinos is small in Wales, and it is not in the top hundred names for Welsh women (in 2013). In addition, it is not popular as a commonly given name for new babies. However, this popularity is rising as parents are looking for a unique name that also has deep roots in their culture.

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