Meaning and Origin of the Name Lili

Lili wen fach, snowdrop in Welsh
Lili wen fach, snowdrop in Welsh

The name Lili is the Welsh version of the more commonly used name Lily which of course can both be shorter versions of the formal names Lilian or Elizabeth.

The meaning of Lili means different things depending on the culture. For example in Hebrew where the name first originated Lili means Oath or God or God’s satisfaction.

However, in French culture, the name means flower in representation of the flower species Lily. Yet in China the name is a variant on the name Lee-Lee which means beautiful.


As for the popularity of Lili as an actual name in recent years, it didn’t make the top 100 of the most popular baby girls’ names in the year 2015. ┬áIn the United States in 2012 around 89 baby girls were named Lili at the time of birth.

Famous People and Things Called Lili

As for some well-known individuals who have had the name Lili. Many made the name Lili known not just in the field of entertainment but also in other notable fields as well. These individuals included such notable names as Lili Taylor, Lili Kraus, and Lili Bose.

‘Lili wen fach’ in Welsh means snowdrop (flower).

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