Origin of the Girl’s Name Hafren

The name Hafren is Welsh and is a form of the Celtic name Sabrina. It means the Sevren River in England. The name Hafren also means summer.

History of the name Hafren

History of the name Hafren states that long ago there was a British Princess named Hafren who’d drowned in the River Severn at the hand of her wicked stepmother, Gwendolyn who disowned her. Hafren was named for the River Severn. Princess Hafren was born the daughter of King Locrin of the Britons and his lover, Estrildis, the Germanic princess.

The King had discovered Estrildis who was the daughter of a Germanic king had been smuggled to England by Chief Humber the Hun and rescued by King Locrin. Discovering her on one of the ships, the king fell in love with the princess. He had been promised to Gwendolyn, the daughter of King Corineus of Cornwall, and Locrin had to fulfill his promise to marry Gwendolyn. Estrildis became King Locrin’s mistress and Hafren was soon born. Upon King Cornelious’ death, King Locrin divorced Gwendolyn and married Princess Estrildis. Gwendolyn was angry and vengeful. Gwendolyn order that Estrildis and her daughter be thrown into the river and drowned.

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