History and Popularity of Gwyneth

Gwyneth, is not the most common name that people may name their child. The popularity of Gwyneth wasn’t even in the top 100 names in 2013. Gwyneth is however a lovely name. There are a few celebrities with the name Gwyneth, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwyneth Glyn, and Gwyneth Powell.

Meaning of the name Gwyneth

The meaning of Gwyneth is, white, fair, or blessed. You could say that the Gwyneth name is a very pure and beautiful name. Gwyneth was a popular name in Wales in the 1800-1900s. Now it is not the most popular name that is out there. In Wales Gwyneth is actually a more common name even though it did not meet the 100 most popular baby names. The name Gwyneth actually ranked number 886 on the baby name scale.

Name Overview

With several famous celebrities being named Gwyneth, it is possible that it will become a more popular name once again. Maybe in the near future Gwyneth will have a comeback and start moving up the most popular name scale. With there being 50,000 baby names out there Gwyneth ranking number 886 is not all that bad.

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