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Meaning and Origin of the Name Gwylan

Gwylan the Welsh Name for Seagull

If there are any moms out there that are looking for the perfect name for there soon to be daughters. Then keep reading because we might have a great name to put on your baby names list.

Gwylan is a fairly uncommon name and it is a welsh word which means seagull.


The popularity of Gwylan was not that popular. It was so not popular that it wasn’t even in the top one hundred in Wales in 2016.

How to Proununce the Name Gwylan

People pronounce Gwylan in many different ways but “Gwill-Ann” is the most common way that the name is said in Wales.

Famous People and Things Called Gwylan

There are not too many famous people or things with the first name Gwylan:
Ynys Gwylan-Fawr and Ynys Gwylan-Fach are two islands off Aberdaron in North West Wales.
Gwylan Goddard a photographer who’s based in Canada


If you are ever in a moment to looking into some unique not so popular girl names that maybe you will consider Gwylan as the perfect name for your little girl.

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