Gwennan name Meaning and Origin

Gwennan, pronounced (GWEN an), is a female name of Welsh origin meaning “blessed” or “luck” in the Welsh language, or alternatively, Daughter of Brychan. It is predominately used in Welsh-speaking or English-speaking countries. It is a derivative of the more commonly used Gwyneth, which is also of Welsh origin.

Variation in the Spelling

Gwennan has an alternative spelling of Gwenan.
People called Gwennan are often refereed to as Gwen.

Popularity of the Name

It is a fairly uncommon name and is not in the top 100 of most popular baby names in Wales as of 2014, although a few famous women share the name.

Famous People with the Name Gwennan

Here’s a few famous people with the name:

  • Gwennan Harris, a professional Welsh football striker, and
  • Gwennan Edwards, a Welsh ┬ájournalist and musician fluent in her native tongue.
  • There is also a ship named Gwennan Gorn (or gwennangorn), which was built by legendary sea voyager Madog ab Owain Gwynedd and had nails made of stag’s horns instead of iron.
  • King Aruther was also to have said to have a ship named Gwennan, which met its fate in shipwreck.

Similar Names

Similar baby girl names in the Welsh language are Gwen, Gwendolyn, Gwener, Gwenfrewy, Gwenith, Gwenllian, Gwylan, Gwyneira, and Gwynne.

Useful Resources

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