Origin and Popularity of the Name Gwenda

Gwenda Thomas the Welsh Labour Politician
Gwenda Thomas, a Welsh Labour Politician

The name Gwenda originated in Welsh. The popularity of Gwenda reigned in the 20th century, being connected to the form of a saint.

There were four famous people named Gwenda- Gwenda Hawkes (British race car driver), Gwenda Morgan (British artist), Gwenda Owen (Welsh singer), and Gwenda Thomas (Welsh politician).

Meaning and Origin of the Name Gwenda

The meaning Gwenda is “fair, good.” It is associated with “lovely.” The name was first listed in 1930 and the popularity of Gwenda, became astounding in America during the 1950’s. Gwenda was also a popular character in the Agatha Christie novel in 1976 and a character in the miniseries “World Without End.”

Variations in the Name

There are also nicknames and variations of Gwenda such as- Gwennda, Gwynda, Gwinda and the lovely name Gwen. The meaning of Gwenda is special.

People with this name tend to be romantic, passionate, and have a magnetic personality. Many who are born with this name usually follow professions in fields where they can lend a helping hand. It’s an amazing name for a girl and has history and culture associated with it.

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