The Name Gaynor

The name Gaynor is of Irish and Gaelic origin and can be used as either a boys name or a girls name. However, in recent time Gaynor’s popularity has been to use it as a girls name.

Meaning of the Welsh Name

The meaning of Gaynor is the “son of the fair-skinned one” which can be a bit confusing since it has been used more frequently as a girls name recently. In Irish, it literally means fair and soft. It can also mean strength. The name Gaynor is another name for Guinevere, which is the medieval form of the name. Gaynor is the modernized version of the name.


While Gaynor is not typically a name given to boys, is has been a popular surname or last name. For girls, it is a popular first name. There are many celebrities who have the name Gaynor, and while some of them have changed their name to something more common, not everyone has.

While the name has some popularity, it is still a very unique name in our society. If you are looking for a name that is not common, but is also not extremely uncommon, Gaynor is a good choice for you to add to your list.

Famous People with the Name Gaynor

Famous people include:

The actress Gaynor Faye and the singer Gloria Gaynor.

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