Welsh Girls Names


Meaning and Origin

The Fflur pronunciation is unique in that it rolls gently off the tongue yet is not an exclusively feminine sound. The Fflur pronunciation is indicative of the Fflur meaning of Fflur which is ‘flower’. The image of purity and beauty are among the top reasons that the Fflur name is beginning to rise in popularity.

How to Pronounce the name Fflur

Fflur, pronounced as F-LEER is becoming a popular name for girls, but as of 2012 has not yet made the list of the top 100 names in Wales according to the Office of National Statistics. Name lists are maintained in almost every country and some trends cross over national borders and are used as unisex names for boys and girls.

Famous People Called Fflur

While the Fflur name is still catching on, there are some famous people in history who carry the same moniker. Elin Fflur Jones is a popular folk musician and lead singer of the band Bran. Not to be consider just another pretty face, Elin Fflur Jones is also very intelligent and went on to study law. While the exact origin of the Fflur name is unknown, the most widely accepted theory is that it came from a historical and beautiful Welsh region of the same name.

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