Elin Name

Name Elin

Elin is a popular and attractive Welsh girl’s name.

Meaning/Origin of the Name Elin

The origin of Elin is from the name Elen.

Popularity of the Name

Elin was the 62nd most popular baby name in Wales in 2011 (figures from the ONS). The statistics also reported that Elin was also the 10th most popular Welsh baby girl’s name in Wales.

Name Elin – Famous people

Here is a list of some famous people with the first name called Elin:

  • Elin Jones – is a Welsh Paid Cymru politician and Welsh Assembly member.
  • Elin Manahan Thomas – is soprano singer and is known for singing Baroque music.
  • Elin Fflur Jones – is a Welsh language singer from Anglesey in North Wales.
  • Elin Nordegren – is a Swedish model and ex-wife of Tiger Woods.


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