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Origin and Meaning of Eleri

The name Eleri is a Welsh female name. The name meaning is uncertain, but Eleri meaning is most likely river, based on the Eleri River in Wales. The name Eleri is most common in Wales, and is most likely related to the Celtic vernacular.


In 2012 Eleri was the 80th most popular name in England. According to the 2012 birth records there were 46 little girls were the Eleri. However, the name is the 825th most popular name in the United Kingdom. Last but not least Eleri name pronunciation is EH lee ree.

Famous People Called Eleri

Eleri is may have only been used 46 time, but United Kingdom a couple famous Eleri’s. The first Eleri was a Welsh princess, she was the daughter of Brychan 5th a Welsh King. There is no information about Eleri.

Another Eleri, (Eleri Siôn) is more current, she is a Welsh singer, radio personality, and television presenter. Sion was born in Neuaddlwyd, Aberaeron on a farm. She attended the school Ysgol Uwchradd Aberaeron and received her collegiate education at Lampeter University . Sion would take a break to work as a presenter and finishing her degree at Cardiff University. Sion is currently employed with BBC Radio Wales as a radio host.

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