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Meaning of a Welsh Girl’s Name Elan

Elan is a girl’s name in the Celtic languages however it can be a boy’s name in other countries. The Welsh meaning of Elan is “the bright or shining one”. When used for a boy the meaning changes.

Elan name is the abbreviation version of the girl’s name Eleanor.

How to Pronounce Elan

The correct way how to pronounce Elan name is El-lan.

Popularity of the Name

The choosing of a name is so important. Many strongly believe the name you give your child will influence their accomplishments during their lifetime.

The name Elan, stems from Welsh origin. Even though not in the top rated 100 popular names for children in the past few years, it has been chosen in several countries. Also, the name Elan is used in different speaking countries, but specifically in countries where English is spoken.

Interesting Facts about the Name

Elan Valley in Mid Wales

Just one of a few interesting bits of information about the name Elan is that there is also an Elan Valley, which is a favoured spot for holiday makers.

The Elan Valley is one of the most picturesque mountain regions in the world. It is an ideal location during all seasons and for those who love living a breathtaking hiking experience.

This spectacular Elan Valley is found in the majestic Cambrian Mountains, in Wales, Europe. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience as you hike and view the splendid woodlands and all the beauty that surrounds you.

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