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Elain: Meaning and Origin

The name Elaine can be spelled in many different ways across different countries. With the fact the name is a female name it is easy to see why many have named there daughters this beautiful name. In Welsh the name is spelled without the letter ‘e’ at the end. Elain is the proper way to spell the name in Welsh.

The name means fawn in its origin. With the name Elain being associated with such a majestic and fragile animal it is very popular among baby girl names.


Elain was not in the top 100 baby girls’ names in Wales during 2015.


Elain is a lovely names, just a the animal found on the Disney classic Bambi the name Elain is also a very delightful name. Coming from Greek origins the name has been around for multiple centuries nearly reaching a millennium of use.

With the name being around for so long and still being used Elain is a great option for a baby girl.

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