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Meaning of Eiluned

The meaning of Eiluned is debated because it is so close to the name Eiund. The name Eiluned comes from the Welsh language word cilun which means idol shape or shaped like an idol.

Popularity of the name Eiluned

Eiluned did not make the top 100 names of welsh names, and it also didn’t make the top 100 welsh names for girls.

Eiluned’s popularity never reached very high and there are only a few people in modern times that are named this name.

In fact, since the middle ages this name has not ranked on the list of common Welsh girls names. The name Eiluned is most often translated into English as Janet or Janette.

Famous People with the Name

One of the few people who were name Eiluned was Eiluned Lewis a famous Welsh play right and novelist. Even this playwright, at the height of her career, begin going by the name Janet. When asked why she changed her name she explained that though the meaning of Eiluned was beautiful, it was easier to go by a more Anglicized name.

The only other account of a famous person with this name is Saint Eluned who lived in the fifth century. Even she only had a version of the name.

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