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The Meaning of The Name of Delwen

The name Delwen is the Welsh female version for the name of Delwyn. What is the meaning of Delwen?

The meaning of the Welsh girls name Delwen is this. Delwen stands for pretty and fair or pretty and white. The name is modern in invention and is completely Welsh in origin.

Some of the names that are similar to this one do include Delyth, which is also Welsh, and Elowen that is Cornish.

Usage of the Name

The meaning of the name Delwen is clear. However, do take note, it is a baby girls name that is used the world over and in a number of different places. The countries that this name is used in, are English-speaking countries, but they may also speak different languages as well. Wales is one of them.


If you do consider naming your baby Delwen, it is highly advised that you not only know the meaning of Delwen, but also to know its history and background. It is because this name will play an important role in your baby’s life and she will hear it spoken every day.

Delwen is a more modernised Welsh name for a girl and it is derived from the original Welsh name of Delwyn. Delwyn is a boy’s name and it was taken from the Welsh element del that means pretty and combined with the word gwyn that stands for fair and pretty in the Welsh language.


The popularity of Delwen wasn’t big in 2015 (not in the top 100 baby girl’s names in Wales).

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