Welsh Girls Names


Origins of the Name Clwyd

Clwyd is a name derived from the river Clwyd which is located in the north-east county of Clwyd Wales. In 1277, King James I placed a castle on the river Clwyd and significantly changed its flow to suit the needs of the castle barges. Clwyd is also the name of a valley area whose boundaries are marked by low hills, forests and the Irish sea.

Meaning of Clwyd

Clwyd is pronounced Klō-id and means hurdle or gate in Welsh.

Popularity of Clwyd

The latest government statistics indicate that Clwyd was not among the top 100 popular baby girl’s names in 2013.

Famous People and Places Called Clwyd

Famous people with the name Clwyd are in short supply. Ann Clwyd is a member of the European parliament since 1984 as a member of the Labour party. The Baron Clwyd is a title for the region, created in 1919, and four men have held the title since its introduction. While not as popular for people’s names, it is very popular in Wales for place-names. Clwyd is the name of a county, a Baron title, a range, a valley and a river.

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