Origins of the Name Ceri

Ceri has its origins in the Celtic languages of Welsh and French. The name is both a male and female name.

The girl’s form of the name actually is a shortened form of the girl’s name Ceridwen which means “fair or blessed poetry”.

It is also thought that the meaning of Ceri is ‘love’ and originates from the the Welsh word caru.

How to Pronounce Ceri?

Ceri is a simple name consisting of 2 syllables, pronounced as KE-ri

Similar Celtic Names to Ceri

Types of Ceri incorporate the Welsh Cari, the name Caris, the Welsh Caryl, the Welsh Carys, the Welsh Cerian, the Welsh Cyril, the name Ceris, the English and Welsh Cerys, and the Irish Keri.

Popularity of the Name

Ceri is exceptional as a child young lady name but the popularity of Ceri is not at a high. What’s more, It wasn’t in the top 100 baby girls’ names in Wales in 2016. However this names was more popular in the 1990’s in England and Wales reaching the heights of the 357th most popular female name in 1997.

Famous People with the Name Ceri

Unfortunately there are not too many famous people called Ceri. IMDb move database credits Ceri Bostock who starred in the film Merlin War of the Dragons and Ceri Bethan who was in the the series Criminal Minds.

Useful Resources

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