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Meaning and History on the Name Ceinwen

The name Ceinwen is known to be a girls name. The origin of the name is Welsh and the meaning of Ceinwen is “lovely”, “blessed” and “fair”.  What a precious meaning for a beautiful baby girl!

A great name no one in your kids class will have! The name Ceinwen has however been known to also be a surname.


The name Ceinwen has not made it to the Top 100 most popular girl names in Wales as of the most recent statistics taken back in the year of 2016. Even throughout history this baby name has stayed off any of the popular charts, never making it near the top hundred!

This name is extremely unique and it is a safe bet it will not be on any popular charts soon.

Famous People with the Name Ceinwen

Despite the popularity of Ceinwen being so low you might have heard this name before from a few well know/ famous people such as:

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