Welsh Girls Names


History of the Name Cati

Cati is a baby girl name that does not receive the attention it deserves. It didn’t make it to being one of the 100 most used names in 2015 in Wales, but it is a name that sounds pretty and has been used for some special purposes.

The popularity of Cati has nothing to do with the meaning of the name, and the name comes from others such as Catrin the Welsh form of Catherine. Catherine’s meaning is innocent, and that is the perfect meaning for a baby name. The name Cati is a special one, as it is a shortened version of some more popular names.

The meaning of Cati comes from those names, and that and the ways the name has been used previously are part of what makes the name Cati so special.

Famous People and Places Called Cati

It is a well known name, even though it is not that popular, and that is a reason why people should pay it more attention.

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