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The Meaning Of The Girl’s Name Haf

Haf the Welsh word for Summer
Haf the Welsh word for Summer

The meaning of Haf is a girl’s name that is the Welsh meaning of Summer. The name Haf was created from the Welsh culture or is derived from Welsh culture by people that want to name their daughters’ summer, but with their own meaning.

Haf is more likely to be used as a middle name rather than a first name because it goes well with other names.

Famous People Called Haf

Famous people with Haf as their name include the author Haf Williams from Llansannan, Clwyd. She is mainly known to be a teacher, but also writes books as well. There is also Elin Haf Davies, who is a well-known author and motivational speaker. Elin has even had the pleasure of speaking on TEDTalks. Another famous person with the name Haf is Catrin Haf Jones. who is a well-known reporter who has just joined the S4C current affairs series which is very popular in her area. These are just a few of the people that have the name which shows the popularity of Haf as a name.


The popularity of Haf is quite large among Welsh culture since the meaning of Haf has a beautiful connotation to it for everyone who hears the name and knows the meaning.

Haf was not in the top 100 baby girls’ names in Wales in 2016.

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Top Welsh Girls Names in 2016

Some of the top Welsh girls names in 2016 have remained the same from previous years, but some of the names climbed up rather quickly this year. Aria and Willow both gained popularity and climbed up to 39th and 23rd places in the top 100 baby girl names, respectively. Another name that climbed up quickly was Aurora. A few of the names that just made it into the top 100 baby girl names this year are Maddison, Luna, and Penelope. A few other names that gained popularity in 2016 are Marnie and Autumn.

There are a few girls names that are more popular in Wales than England, and they include Seren, which took the 16th spot in 2016, Ffion 25th position and Alys, which took the 44th spot. The most popular girls name in Wales in 2016 was Olivia. Amelia was in the top spot in the year 2015, and it wasn’t far behind in 2016, still making it to being one of the most popular Welsh girls names in that year, as well.

There were some nature names like Autumn and Willow that have made it to being some of the most popular names in 2016, and some classic ones like Alys, too.

The 10 Most Popular Girls Names in Wales

Unfortunately none of the top 10 girls names originated from Wales in 2016.

  1. Olivia
  2. Amelia
  3. Ella
  4. Ava
  5. Isla
  6. Emily and Evie
  7. Mia
  8. Lily
  9. Isabella


Meaning and Origin of the Name Eirian

The meaning of Eirian is “silver”, and it also comes from a name that means “beautiful” or “bright”.


The name Eirian didn’t make it to being one of the 100 most popular Welsh names in the year 2015, but the popularity of Eirian doesn’t matter because it is still a pretty girl name.

How to pronounce Eirian

The name is pronounced Eye-Ree-Anne, and it sounds beautiful when spoken out loud.

Famous People with the Name Eirian

The Gymnast Eirian Smith
The Gymnast Eirian Smith

There are a few notable people with the name Eirian, and one of those people is Eirian Smith, who is a gymnast. Eirian Llwyd was a Welsh artist, and Jennie Eirian Davies was a Welsh politician and also a magazine editor.

There are many reasons to love the name, from the pronunciation Eirian to the spelling and the fact that it is a more unique name. It was used as the name of a few celebrities and notable people, and it is a simple name that is not too unique, even though it is also not too popular.

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History of the Name Cati

Cati is a baby girl name that does not receive the attention it deserves. It didn’t make it to being one of the 100 most used names in 2015 in Wales, but it is a name that sounds pretty and has been used for some special purposes.

The popularity of Cati has nothing to do with the meaning of the name, and the name comes from others such as Catrin the Welsh form of Catherine. Catherine’s meaning is innocent, and that is the perfect meaning for a baby name. The name Cati is a special one, as it is a shortened version of some more popular names.

The meaning of Cati comes from those names, and that and the ways the name has been used previously are part of what makes the name Cati so special.

Famous People and Places Called Cati

  • Cati is a municipality in Spain.
  • Twm Sion Cati was a wizard in Welsh folklore and he was said to have been born in Tregaron (in the market town of Ceredigion). It is possible that he took his name Cati from his mother’s 1st name.

It is a well known name, even though it is not that popular, and that is a reason why people should pay it more attention.

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Meaning of Aelwen

Aelwen is a Welsh feminine name that means fair brow or blessed brow.

The name is pronounced ‘aisle wen’ or ‘EIL-wen’. While the name Aelwen is predominantly a female name, it can also be used as a boy’s name. Although it is a Welsh name, Aelwen originated in England. A variation of Aelwen is Elwyn for a boy.

Popularity of the Name

Aelwen has never taken on the United States. It has been popular in Europe in the 19th century, particularly in Welsh speaking nations. Aelwen has not even made it into the top 10 popular girl’s name since the beginning of the millennium. The name Aelwen had its popularity during the 1880s.

Famous People Named Aelwen

Aelwen is a story character from the story ‘The Melian’. Aelwen Wetherby is the renowned historian, writer, photographer,and teacher. Elwyn King was a fighter pilot during World War I. Not many famous people are named Aelwen or a variation of the name.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Manon

Manon, is a female name that is the diminutive of Marie. Manon is derived from the French name Madeline. It also serves as a nickname for Marie.

The Welsh meaning of Manon is “queen and the most beautiful”. Another Manon meaning in Wales is the “wished-for child.” Manon is a popular name.


The name Manon is currently a popular name for girls in Wales, France and Belgium. Manon as a Welsh language girl’s name is more popular in North Wales than in South Wales. It was one of the top girls Welsh originating baby name in the United Kingdom in 2015.

Famous People Called Manon

There are numerous famous women that had the name Manon. Artists, filmmakers, politicians, and athletes have been called Manon. Manon, the name of a famous Swiss artist. Manon Barbe, was a city councillor in the city of Montreal, Quebec and borough mayor of LaSalle. Manon Barbeau, from Quebec, is a filmmaker.

Manon Nummerdor-Flier, is a Dutch volleyball player. Manon van der Meer-Masseurs and Manon van Rooijen are Olympic swimmers from Rotterdam and Leerdam, respectively. Gabriëlla Maria “Manon” Melis is a Dutch professional footballer. Manon Rhéaume, a silver medalist in the 1998 Olympic Hockey. Manon von Gerkan is a German model and actress.

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Meaning and Origin of Alwena

There are millions of girl’s names the world over and it just depends on upon one on which one to pick.  This article is going to talk about the name Alwena and why you should choose this name.

The meaning of Alwena is almost the same as Alwena as it is just its variant. It is a very common name in the Wales and has been in use for several years now. It sounds such a beautiful name, and it means a lady who keeps elves.

Popularity of the Name Alwena

Some people would love to give their kids names that have been used by iconic individuals in the society. Alwena has not been left behind too. The popularity of Alwena has been escalating over the years as because of an interesting welsh book called Alwena’s garden, which depicts a young girl who lives with her father out in the mountains. Alwena was in search of a backyard, and the story goes on to talk about how she marvelled so courageously to go about satisfying the guest for a garden of her own. If you are looking for a name for your daughter with a tinge of fantasy, then Alwena sounds right for you.

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The Meaning Of Lynn And Its Origin

The name Lynn is associated with water. Its origin is believed to be from the Welsh word llyn which means lake in the Welsh language.

Lynn can also mean a pool of water, a waterfall, a pond and even a flowing brook. Some historians believe that the name Lynn was given to people who resided near a body of water in ancient Britain.

Lynn is also thought to be a shorter version of the name Lynette. Another possible meaning of Lynn is beautiful. It can also mean ruddy in complexion, referring to a red haired individual.

The Popularity Of Lynn

Lynn is not one of the top 100 names for girls in Wales according to the latest census taken in 2014. The popularity of Lynn seems to be declining.

It is however frequently used as middle name now. Lynn is also commonly found as an addition to another girl name at the end, such as in the name Katelynn for example.

Famous Women With The Name Lynn

There are many famous women who are named Lynn. Some examples include world famous American rock climber Lynn Hill, British actress Lynn Redgrave and British journalist and author Lynn Barber.

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The Origin of Girl’s name Annest

The Annest name originated from the Old Greek language. It also originated from Great Britain. It is a form of Agnes from the Dutch, English, German, and Scandinavian. Also  derived from Anest, Annesta.

Meaning of Annest

In Greek, the Annest name means to be pure, chaste, or holy. In Welsh, the Annest name means hunger. It can also mean lamb or one after the name Agnes.

How to Pronounce Annest?

The name is pronounced as ‘ANN-est’

Popularity of the Name

In 2014, the Annest name was not in the top 100 most popular names for girls in Wales. It is not a common name for girls or women.

Alternative Forms of the Name

Variations of the name include, Anais, Agnes, Agness, Anessa, Anis, Anissa, Annice, Annis, Ines and Anais.

Famous People Called Annest

Annest was the name of a twelfth century princess. The princess was the daughter of Gruffydd ap Cynan, King of Gwynedd, and his mistress, Angharad.

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Meaning and Origin of the Girl’s Name Mai

The meaning of Mai in Welsh is the month of May and is popular with people born in that month or more generally in the Spring.

Mai also has a background in Japan and Vietnam. In Japanese, Mai means brightness, and in Vietnamese it means blossom. The name seems to represent all the beauty and freshness of Spring.

Mai also has the Native American meaning of coyote. Native American tribes looked at the coyote as a holy spirit animal even though it could be a bit mischievous.

If you’re name is Mai you probably have musical abilities and may like to write. You’re also very gregarious and love to be around people. Someone with the name Mai is said to be a consistent and interesting friend.


The popularity of Mai was at it’s most popular in 1990 and is now used less frequently and it did not make the top 100 baby girls’ names in Wales in 2014.

Famous People Called Mai

A few famous people with the first name Mai:

  • Mai Davies is a Welsh journalist and television presenter, currently hosting Good Evening Wales.
  • Mai Jones was a Welsh radio producer, entertainer, and songwriter

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