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The Latest News for Welsh Girls Names. Here you’ll find our latest information and news related to the names of Welsh girls or offers that we think you might be interested in.

Common Welsh Girls Names

Common Welsh Girls Names

Welsh girls names are some of the prettiest names around. In this page we’ll learn what are the most common Welsh girls names over the last century in Wales and also in England and Wales.

See the Popularity of Welsh Names in England and Wales

The population of Wales only accounts for 5.7% of the total population in England and Wales so we expect Welsh names to be less common than in the two countries combined than only in Wales.

In the beginning of the last century (1904 survey) only Gladys was popular in England and Wales,in 12th position. However, in 1954 Welsh names became more popular with Lynn, Lynne and Glynis all reaching the top 100 common baby names.

Towards the end of the Twenty century the names that were common in 1954 were no longer as widespread:

  • Megan (17th position)
  • Sian -(69th position)
  • Bethan -(74th position)
  • Rhianon -(91st position)

In 2010, only Megan was popular in both England and Wales.

Welsh Mums are Choosing Welsh Girls Names

In the latest data released by the National Statistics Office in 2010 you can see that only 13% of babies in Wales are given a Welsh girl’s name whilst in England and Wales this figure stands at 1%. Here’s the list of the of the Welsh Names for Girls:

  1. Seren
  2. Megan
  3. Ffion
  4. Carys
  5. Cerys
  6. Lowri
  7. NIA
  8. Bethan
  9. Tegan
  10. Elin
  11. Cadi
  12. Catrin

See our other pages to learning the meaning of these Welsh Girls Names or for help choosing a baby girl’s name.

Welsh Baby Girls Names

Welsh Baby Girls Names

Choosing a Welsh Babies Girl Names Generator - image
Need Inspiration when choosing a Baby Names?

We know it can be difficult choosing a baby’s names so we created a Welsh Baby Girl Names generator. This little tool will randomly generate Welsh girls names that are potentially suitable for your baby and is great for people searching for some inspiration.

Our Welsh baby girl names tool is simple to use you just need to press the ‘Find Me a Baby’s Name’ button and the tool will randomly generate a combination of Welsh girls names that are suitable for your baby. Please press the button as many time as you need until you come across the welsh names that you like.

Try it and Generate a Welsh Baby Girl’s Name

Use our Welsh girl’s names generator to try different combinations of names to see what combination of names you like the best.



Advice Choosing a Welsh Baby’s Name

At this exciting time you have many things to consider and remember including choosing a name for your baby girl or boy. We’ve put together a Free eBook to ensure you are fully prepared for the big day.

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It’s important that you take your time when choosing a name for your baby so see our Tips on choosing a Welsh Name and our interactive naming tool – Welsh Names for Girls that allows you to try different name combinations with your surname.

We hope that our Welsh Baby Girl Names tool has provided you with provide you with some inspiration when choosing a name for your baby. See our sister site if your looking for Welsh Baby Boy Names and Mothercare has a great deals for mums to be.

Choosing a Welsh Girl’s Name

Advice Choosing a Welsh Girl’s Name

We’ve put together a Youtube video to help you use this site. This video will help you choose a girl’s name. See Welsh girl’s names if you are looking for the meaning behind the Welsh names. If you’re looking for advice when choosing a name see our tips section. If you want a quick overview of the site just click on the video below.

Good luck if you’re choosing a baby’s name. See our Welsh Girls name finder section to get you started trying different combination of girls names. You can see what names work best with your surname.

Historic Welsh Girl’s Names

Historic Welsh Girl’s Names

As it’s St David day’s we decided to get together some historic Welsh girl’s names:

  • Non -of course the mother of Dewi Sant
  • Rhiannon– was from the Mabinogion
  • Gwendolen – was the wife of King Arthur
  • Awen – a girls name that appear in the Welsh National Anthem ‘Hen Wlad fy Nhadau’.
  • Brawen – was the daughter of Ll^r from the Mabinogion
  • Elen – was a Welsh saint of Caernarfon and the wife of Masen Wledig the Roman Emperor who give Wales the first taste of independence.
  • Olwen – was a heroine from the Mabinogion stories.

A significant number of traditional Welsh girls names that we encounter today originate from Welsh mythology. If you found these girls names interesting you might also be interested in our Welsh Girls Names section which includes more names along with their meanings.

Rhiannon Pretty Girl’s Name

Rhiannon a Pretty Welsh Girl’s Name

Rhiannon is a traditional Welsh girls name and she appears in the traditional Welsh tales the Mabinogi. From theses mythological tales, Rhiannon was the wife of Pwyll and she was the mother of Pryderi.

The meaning of the girl’s name Rhiannon probably originated from Rigantona who was the Celtic Queen goddess.

You can discover the beauty of other Welsh traditional girl’s names on this site and if your considering a Welsh name from your baby girl try our name generator tool as it allows you to try different combinations of girls names with your surname so you can choose the combination that works the best for you.

Welsh Girl’s Name Seren

Welsh Girl’s Name Seren

Seren's Word Cloud
Seren’s Word Cloud

Seren is a pretty Welsh name and it means star in Welsh. Seren is one of the most popular girl’s names in Wales and in 2010 the Office of National Statistics reported that Seren was the most popular Welsh name in Wales and the 5th most popular name overall. In England, this name was ranked in 288 position. For more popular Welsh girls names see our Top 10 list of Welsh Girls Names.

Seren a short name and it is pronounced in English as simply ‘Ser-en’.

On our site you can find more information about the meaning of other Welsh girls names and if your expecting a baby try our name selector tool at Welsh names for girls page as it has a tool that allows you to try different combinations of names along with your surname to see what combination of names sound the best.

Unofficial Top 10 Beautiful Welsh Girls Names of 2012

Unofficial Top 10 Beautiful Welsh Girls Names of 2012

We’ve looked at the Top 10 Most Popular Welsh Girls Names in Wales and thought what other names we believe should be in that list. So we’ve created our own Unofficial Top 10 Beautiful Welsh Girls Names of 2012. Please feel free to use the names from this list if you are considering a name for your baby.

Also don’t forget to check out our review of the best infant car seats in the market.

Here are the girls names in alphabetical order:

  1. Alaw
  2. Anwen
  3. Blodwen
  4. Eleri
  5. Glenys
  6. Gwen
  7. Haf
  8. Mali
  9. Mari
  10. Rhiannon

Let us know what names would make it into your top ten unofficial names.