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Meaning and Origin of the Name Myfanwy

The Myfanwy name is a girl’s first name originating from ancient Wales. It is derived from the word “annwyl” or a combination of the word “my” meaning “my” and “banw” meaning “woman” or “dearest.” However there seems to be some debate as to the meaning of Myfanwy, as it is also thought to mean “beloved,” “my fine one,” “my rare one” or “sweet woman.”

Pet Names

It is also often shortened into the nickname Myf or Myffy.

Popularity of Myfanwy

The popularity of Myfanwy is rather low even within Wales. It did not make the list of 100 most popular girl’s names for babies in Wales as of 2013 making it an uncommon choice.

Why the Name is Famous in Wales

It is the subject of a Welsh song popular in 1875 and may have been written as a reference to a 14th century love poem about a woman of the same name.

Some famous people with the name include: Myfanwy Waring and Myfanwy Talog the dramatic and comedic Welsh actresses respectively, Myfanwy Moore the head of all comedy content produced for the BBC, Myfanwy Piper a British art critic, Myfanwy Haycock the Welsh poet and Myfanwy Howell a Welsh TV broadcaster.

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Meaning of Mabli

The meaning of Mabli is not very well known. For those who don’t know what it means, it’s a Welsh name. The name itself means “loveable.” There are those that go by the Welsh form, which is Mabel. Having this name alone tells a lot about the person, not to mention their personality.


Now the popularity of Mabli is not very big either. Unlike other baby names, it’s not been used very often and it is not in the top 100 baby girls’ names in Wales in 2013.

Why Choose Mabli as a Baby’s Name

Some of the reasons parents choose the name Mabli for their little girl:

  • It’s a lovely girl’s name.
  • It works well as 1st or 2nd name (as it works well with other Welsh names).
  • People who are looking for a Welsh name than means lovable.
  • The person is interested in the culture itself. Many people are. By naming their child Mabli it shows how committed they are to the Welsh heritage.

While the name itself may not be mainstream, it definitely is getting a following.

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Meaning and Origin of the Girl’s Name Mari

Mari name is Welsh in origin and has some interesting defined variants. The meaning of Mari is defined as bitter from the Hebrew Mah or Marah. In the Bible, the Torah cites Marah as having been a place the children of Israel travelled through during the 40-year exodus from Egypt.

The meaning of Mari is a variation on the name Mair. This means star of the sea from the Latin derivation “Stella Maris”. At the time of Saint Jerome, this name was seen to provide a semblance of hope for Christian believers based on the role she is identified.


The popularity of Mari as a name was estimated to be ranked at 100 in 2009. Beyond this name being Welsh in origin, facts concerning famous persons, or international citations of this name are sparse. In England the variant Mary is found more frequently than Mari. Though not extinct, sources assert that Mari was not among the top 100 popular Welsh baby names in 2013.

Variations of the Name

Internationally, variants on Mari include Mary, Italian, Marah,Hebrew, Zari, African and American, and Kari, French and American.

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Origin of the Girl’s Name Alaw

The Alaw name has been used by a popular Welsh band named Alaw, a Welsh river named Afon Alaw, and many little girls and women alike. This is a beautiful name that has been used for many centuries and is still a relatively popular name in Wales today.


It is widely reported that the meaning of Alaw is melodious, which is why the popular musical band, Alaw, has this name as their band’s title. The Afon Alaw is a river that may have gotten its name from the sounds of the creatures that may live near the river. The very sounds of their calls may sound almost, if not very, melodious to some.

Other sources indicate that the actual and original meaning is the old Welsh name for ‘Lily’.


The popularity of Alaw has decreased since last year in 2013. The name Alaw was not even in the top 100 popular Welsh names list. In relativity to certain other Welsh names, however, the popularity of Alaw is still significant and noticeable.

How to Pronounce Alaw

The Alaw name is pronounced AH-low, which actually rhymes with now. It almost sounds like the word allow, except there is more emphasis on the first letter of the name.

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Meaning of Enfys

Enfys is a name of Welsh origin. In Welsh, it simply means “rainbow.” It has no non-Welsh meanings. It is unisex, so it can be given to either a boy or a girl.


According to the most recently available government statistics, Enfys was not in the 100 most popular baby girl’s name in Wales in 2013. It is actually a very uncommon name. It is uncommon in Wales and even more uncommon outside of Wales. If you are looking for a distinctly Welsh name that is likely to be fairly unique, this name fits the bill.

How to Pronounce Enfys

Enfys is pronounced EN-viss. Some sources indicate it may also be pronounced En-vees.

Famous people with the Name

Famous people with the name Enfys name include:

  • Enfys Dickinson — Movie producer and manager who has worked on such notable films as “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.”
  • Enfys McMurry — Author of “Hearst’s Other Castle” and other works.
  • Enfys Beynon Thomas Old Welsh illustrator and author. Works by this individual are in Welsh.

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Meaning and popularity of the Welsh name Llinos

The name Llinos is a Welsh spelling and pronunciation of the name Linnet. The Llinos name is commonly given to a baby girl, but it is also popular as a name for adults. Some people called Llinos as a baby, and then begin to adopt the adult Linnet as they get older. The name Linnet takes its meaning from the Welsh surname Eluned, which is then derived from the name Cilun. The overall meaning of Llinos in Welsh is “Idol”, and the name is commonly picked by persons who value outward personalities who are compassionate. The name Llinos also has some roots in French, where it is a reference to a flaxen songbird.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Llinos is small in Wales, and it is not in the top hundred names for Welsh women (in 2013). In addition, it is not popular as a commonly given name for new babies. However, this popularity is rising as parents are looking for a unique name that also has deep roots in their culture.

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The Name Gaynor

The name Gaynor is of Irish and Gaelic origin and can be used as either a boys name or a girls name. However, in recent time Gaynor’s popularity has been to use it as a girls name.

Meaning of the Welsh Name

The meaning of Gaynor is the “son of the fair-skinned one” which can be a bit confusing since it has been used more frequently as a girls name recently. In Irish, it literally means fair and soft. It can also mean strength. The name Gaynor is another name for Guinevere, which is the medieval form of the name. Gaynor is the modernized version of the name.


While Gaynor is not typically a name given to boys, is has been a popular surname or last name. For girls, it is a popular first name. There are many celebrities who have the name Gaynor, and while some of them have changed their name to something more common, not everyone has.

While the name has some popularity, it is still a very unique name in our society. If you are looking for a name that is not common, but is also not extremely uncommon, Gaynor is a good choice for you to add to your list.

Famous People with the Name Gaynor

Famous people include:

The actress Gaynor Faye and the singer Gloria Gaynor.

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Meaning and Origin of Alwen

The name Alwen is a very unique name to none Welsh speakers. It is one that you don’t see or hear very often outside Wales and when most people do hear it, they love they way it rolls off their tongues.

If you want to be surprised when your baby is born, why not choose a universal name? The name Alwen is just that. It can be used for either a girl or as a boy (Alwyn).

The meaning of Alwen is just as unique as the name itself. It means keeper of the elves. So if you are looking for something with a little bit of a fantasy twist to it, then the name Alwen is the one for your new little one.


There are several ways in which Alwen is pronounced, it all depends on where you wish to put the emphasis. For example: A-lwen, Al-wen, or A-l-wen. Normally in Wales it is pronounced Al-wen. Because of the flexibility of this name it all depends on you the parents as to how you would like your child’s name pronounced.

When you are thinking of how to pronounce Alwen, take in consideration how others may say the name as well. Depending on where they come from. So be aware that when you pronounce the baby’s name for the first time the person listening has a clear understanding of how to pronounce it.

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Anwen is a Welsh girl’s name and is popular within the Welsh speaking community, however outside Wales the name is often mistaken for the name “Arwen,” a name popularized by J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series (his languages frequently mimicked Welsh etymology). Anwen was not in the top 100 most popular girl’s names in Wales in 2012.

Meaning of the Name Anwen

Though the origins of the name Anwen are vague, the suffix -wen is thought to be an altered version of the word gwen, the feminine form of the word gwynn which once meant “white” or “blessed.” This suffix is used frequently in Welsh names such as Anwen, Arianwen and Ceinwen.

The first syllable, an, is an intensive prefix likened to the words “very” and “much.” The common meaning of Anwen is “very beautiful” though there is speculation that the word was inspired by another, annwyl, a term of endearment meaning “beloved” or “dear.” The name Anwen could also be considered a prefixed version of the name Gwen (meaning “pretty” or “fair”).

How to Pronounce Anwen?

Anwen pronunciation: Ann-wen.

Famous People

Famous people with the name Anwen include: Anwyn Rees-Myers and Anwen Keeling. In the popular series Torchwood, the daughter of the characters Gwen and Rhys is also named Anwen.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Mair 

Mair (pronounced like MIRE or MARE) is a popular Welsh girls name that can be used as a unisex or boys name (from non-Welsh origins). The name is also frequently found as a surname as well. Mair is the Welsh form of the name Mary which has many meanings varying from the unsure Hebrew definition (from the name Miryam) of “sea of bitterness” to the more likely Egyption meaning (derived from the word myr) of “beloved” or, more simply, “love.” Other meanings include “rebelliousness” and “wished for child.” The most common Welsh meanings seem to be “bitter,” similar to the French meaning of the name Marie which is, itself, a variant of Mary, and “star of the sea,” a meaning derived from the Latin words “stella maris.” Saint Jerome associated this phrase with the name of the Virgin Mary giving her the ancient title of “Our Lady, Star of the Sea. The title was meant to emphasize her role as a bastion of hope for the Christians of the time.

Variations of Mair

Variations of the name Mair include Mari and Mairwen. Mair serves double duty as the diminutive form of the name Mairwen.

Famous People Called Mair

Famous people with the name include Mair Jones and Angharad Mair.

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