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History and Meaning of the Baby Name Non

If you are choosing a baby girl name you should consider the name Non. This name was not one of the most popular names but it is still a great name with a lot of history.

Non is an unusual name that you may not see many places but is a beautiful name and has meanings in the religious texts. The name is said to mean nun which is a woman who gives her life to God. What a wonderful name to give your child.

Famous People with the Name Non

Church of St Non
Church of St Non

There are several famous people named Non. One of which was the mother of Saint David, who is the Patron Saint of Wales. There are several chapels and churches that are named Non in remembrance of t Saint Non. Her shrine can still be seen at Dirinon’s Parish Church.

Another famous person with the name Non is Non Evans. Non Evans is a well known welsh sportswoman. She has competed in many different sports activities all over the world. This has including weightlifting, freestyle wrestling, judo, and rugby union.

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Meaning and Popularity of the Name Marged

One of the names that has been long associated with Wales is the name Marged. Marged is not one of the most popular names currently in Wales, but it has been historically.

Marged is the Welsh version of the name Margaret which means Pearl. it originally came from the Greeks. Popularity of Marged has waxed and waned throughout the years and it was not in the top 100 baby girls’s names in Wales in 2014.  It was however more popular during the 1930’s.

History of the Name Marged

Margaret was the patron saint of fertility, and has been popular world wide with many different variations of the name according to the country and the culture. Marged was the name that was very much a Welsh tradition and common name at one point in time. Some popular people with the name Marged are Marged_Tudor and Marged_FerchIfan.

The name Marged is very associated with Wales. Margaret has historically been a very popular name worldwide as mentioned, and the Welsh version of the name is something that was long used in Wales, generally earlier in time.

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Origin of the Name Buddug

Buddug is the Welsh version of the name Boudicca. Boudicca, a queen in the first century, led a revolution against the Romans who occupied England at that time. She was from the Iceni tribe. Queen Boudicca is remembered for her intelligence and bravery. She opted to commit suicide than to be captured.

Meaning of Buddug

Buddug means “victorious”. This name is associated with visionary leadership, intelligence, and optimism. People with this name have a strong desire for positive change, and they may turn rebellious to achieve this desire. The meaning of Buddug may also include “energetic”.

Buddug Pronunciation

Buddug is pronounced as “bee-thig”. This is from the word “buddugoliaeth”, the Iceni queen. However, some people pronounce the name as”bu-th-ig”.

Popular People with the Name

Your baby girl will not be alone if you name her Buddug. She will share a name with celebrities such as:

• Buddug Verona James
• Amdan Buddug
• Buddug Morgan
• Buddug James Jones

Popularity of Buddug

The popularity of this name has dropped in recent years. Statistics carried out in 2014 showed that Buddug was not among the top 100 names most popular baby names in Wales. However, Buddug is still a respected name.

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Meaning of the Name Sioned

The name Sioned in English translates to Janet. The meaning of Sioned is ‘Gracious Gift of God’. The name Sioned is also the name of a character in Welsh mythology, a goddess of a lake in West Wales.

Popularity of Sioned

Sioned is a Welsh name for a girl. This name didn’t make the top 100 baby girl’s in popularity (in Wales in 2014).

Famous People Called with the Name

There are a few famous people bare the name such as Sioned Jones. She’s an actress, director and writer who was born in 1980. Also, the athlete Sioned Harries, a rugby player born in 1989 and as well Sioned Williams, a Welsh-born British producer born in 1962.

How to Pronounce Sioned

It is pronounced SHON-ed, but some may pronounce it as Sha-ned or Shi-nade. While the wrong pronunciation may be a bit tiresome it can serve as a way to share the meaning if this strong, beautiful Welsh name.

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Origin of the Girl’s Name Lynne

The name Lynne originated from the Welsh word, llyn, which means lake. This beautiful name has been the given moniker for many Welsh boys and girls. It has been said that other origins include German and Hebrew backgrounds.


The meaning of Lynne is lake from the Welsh word llyn which could be because of its flowing nature when spoken. Before the 20th century, Lynne was used for primarily boys but now it is a more common girl’s name. The meaning of Lynne could also include pond, waterfall and pool all dependent on its usage and spelling. Lynne, in any form, all revolve around some sort of body of water which to many means beauty.


The popularity of Lynne has fallen over the years. It was not ranked in the top 100 Welsh names in 2013 according to government statistics. It has, however, become a more popular middle name and also as an added suffix to preexisting given names.

How to Pronounce Lynne

The name Lynne is phonetically pronounced Lin.

Famous People Named Lynne

• Lynne McGranger- Actress
• Lynne Featherstone- British Member of Parliament
• Lynne Hobbs- Fictional Character
• Lynne Cheney- Historian/Author and also Dick Cheney’s wife

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Meaning of Eiluned

The meaning of Eiluned is debated because it is so close to the name Eiund. The name Eiluned comes from the Welsh language word cilun which means idol shape or shaped like an idol.

Popularity of the name Eiluned

Eiluned did not make the top 100 names of welsh names, and it also didn’t make the top 100 welsh names for girls.

Eiluned’s popularity never reached very high and there are only a few people in modern times that are named this name.

In fact, since the middle ages this name has not ranked on the list of common Welsh girls names. The name Eiluned is most often translated into English as Janet or Janette.

Famous People with the Name

One of the few people who were name Eiluned was Eiluned Lewis a famous Welsh play right and novelist. Even this playwright, at the height of her career, begin going by the name Janet. When asked why she changed her name she explained that though the meaning of Eiluned was beautiful, it was easier to go by a more Anglicized name.

The only other account of a famous person with this name is Saint Eluned who lived in the fifth century. Even she only had a version of the name.

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The Name Caryl: Meaning and Origin

The name Caryl has been used as both a masculine name and a feminine name. Though it is most often used as a girl’s name. The meaning of Caryl is Old German in origin where it meant “man” or “free man”. This name was very prominent in the old Germanic tribes usually given to girls who were being born into a free family.

The name travelled across the water and landed in the Welsh world some time in the mid 1800’s where it is seen derived from ‘caru’ which means love.

Popularity of the Name Caryl

The popularity of Caryl hit it’s highest popularity in the 1800’s and 1990’s. However in 2013, the name of Caryl didn’t reach the top 100 popular Welsh baby girls’ names but it is shared by three distinctly talented people.

Famous People with the Name

There is Caryl Jones who is a popular welsh singer and song writer who has been quite popular in the Wales. The name Caryl is also shared by one of the greatest harp soloist of our time the incomparable Caryl Thomas. The English Dramatist Caryl Churchil whose plays and dramas set her as one of the greatest theatre writers of all time. Though the name of Caryl is not popular, it is far from gone.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Meleri

The name Meleri can be attributed to Saint Meleri verch Brychan, born in modern day Wales around the year 428 C.E. She was one of the many children born to Brychan Brycheiniog, who was a King in Brycheiniog. The kingdom was named after Brychan, who was well liked as a king. He was never offically made a saint, but many of his children were, Meleri included.

Meleri was married to Ceredig, who was king of Ceredigion. Meleri is said to be the grandmother of Saint David, who was concieved when Ceredig’s son Sanctus raped the virgin Nonita. Brychan and Ceredig were members of the two most prominent holy families in Wales, making Meleri an important figure in their history, as her marriage to Ceredig brought these two families together.

It’s unclear why Meleri was made a saint, although many women of the time were sainted because they were related to other prominent saints. For this reason, many believe Meleri gained her sainthood by way of her relationship to Saint David.

Popularity of Meleri

Meleri was not in the top 100 girls’ names in Wales in 2013.

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Meaning and Origin of Gwendolen

The name Gwendolen is one of the best names that any parent can give their newly born baby girl. This is some kind of a legendary name whose history is very funny and unique.

The meaning of Gwendolen is “white ring”. This was the name of a Britons queen of the past. The queen is said to have fought with her husband and defeated him seriously in a battlefield. It is a very interesting kind of history, but that’s what history states.

This is to say that the bearer of this name was a heroine. She had done some extraordinary thing that no other lady or woman had ever done before. The popularity of Gwendolen is seen in Welsh history. She was King Arthur’s wife. The information above explains the heroic thing she did to her husband. In that sense, this name should be given to girls in society with the hope that they might become heroines in future. As they say, a name speaks much about a person; this is not an exception.

Variations of the Name

Often people with the name Gwendolen are called Gwen for short.

Popularity of the Name

According to statistics, the name is very unique and not popular (not in the top 100 baby girl’s name in Wales in 2013). This is to say that not many children in the world have been named Gwendolen.

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Meaning and Origin of Name Rhian

If you are looking for a beautiful girl’s name for your new baby, learn why you should consider the name Rhian.

Rhian is a lovely Welsh name that means ‘maiden’ and is pronounced as ‘Ree-Ann’ in English. The ‘Rh’ letter found in the Welsh alphabet.


The popularity of Rhian is pleasing to any parent that is looking for a name that is not very common even in its native Wales as it was not amongst the top 100 baby girls’ names according to the figures released from the National Office of Statistics in 2014. This means that, most likely, your daughter Rhian wouldn’t have too many peers with the same name.


If you are looking for something similar to the name Rhian, the name is a shortened version of the name Rhiannon.

Famous People Called Rhian

There are not too many famous people with the name Rhian to note

  • Rhian Edwards an award winning Welsh poet.
  • Rhian Lois a Welsh opera singer.
  • St Rhian – he was a little know Welsh abbot from Pembrokeshire.

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