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Meaning of the name Manod

The girls name Manod is one that is steeped very well in the history of Wales. The meaning of Manod is one that is very broad. It describes a person that is well educated and one that is very philosophical and creative. One that prevails and stands above all the rest. Philosophy and creativity is certainly a word that can describe someone from Wales for sure.

Famous People and Places Called Manod

The name Manod can be found all over Wales. Some of the famous figures and places that are associated with Manod include mountains such as Manod Mawr in Gwenedd. Several famous authors from Wales have included Manod in their writings and they are ones such as John Marius Wilson and John Bartholomew. The books they were known for writing include Manod, Llyn y Manod and Llyn Manod.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Manod as a girls name is one that has seen a decline over the past several years. Manod though is still one that has a deep history in the country of Wales.

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The Name Luned

Luned a Welsh girl’s name and it origins from the Wales.  You would not typically find this name in other  parts of the world.

Meaning of Luned

The most notable meaning of Luned is mainly known from Welsh mythology as a heroine who goes on to save a knight Owen and is romantic in it’s nature as well as being more common a feminine name in the welsh country.

The name Luned is also based off of another name used mainly in Wales which is Eiluned. Eiluned is derived from the welsh language word cilun. Cilun is to when describing an idol figure or is an actual idol.


The popularity of Luned as being a common name among the people of Wales for either boys or girls is quite low, in fact, it is ranked as not even in the top 100 names for Welsh people.

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The Meaning of The Name of Delwen

The name Delwen is the Welsh female version for the name of Delwyn. What is the meaning of Delwen?

The meaning of the Welsh girls name Delwen is this. Delwen stands for pretty and fair or pretty and white. The name is modern in invention and is completely Welsh in origin.

Some of the names that are similar to this one do include Delyth, which is also Welsh, and Elowen that is Cornish.

Usage of the Name

The meaning of the name Delwen is clear. However, do take note, it is a baby girls name that is used the world over and in a number of different places. The countries that this name is used in, are English-speaking countries, but they may also speak different languages as well. Wales is one of them.


If you do consider naming your baby Delwen, it is highly advised that you not only know the meaning of Delwen, but also to know its history and background. It is because this name will play an important role in your baby’s life and she will hear it spoken every day.

Delwen is a more modernised Welsh name for a girl and it is derived from the original Welsh name of Delwyn. Delwyn is a boy’s name and it was taken from the Welsh element del that means pretty and combined with the word gwyn that stands for fair and pretty in the Welsh language.


The popularity of Delwen wasn’t big in 2015 (not in the top 100 baby girl’s names in Wales).

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Origin of the Girl’s Name Hafren

The name Hafren is Welsh and is a form of the Celtic name Sabrina. It means the Sevren River in England. The name Hafren also means summer.

History of the name Hafren

History of the name Hafren states that long ago there was a British Princess named Hafren who’d drowned in the River Severn at the hand of her wicked stepmother, Gwendolyn who disowned her. Hafren was named for the River Severn. Princess Hafren was born the daughter of King Locrin of the Britons and his lover, Estrildis, the Germanic princess.

The King had discovered Estrildis who was the daughter of a Germanic king had been smuggled to England by Chief Humber the Hun and rescued by King Locrin. Discovering her on one of the ships, the king fell in love with the princess. He had been promised to Gwendolyn, the daughter of King Corineus of Cornwall, and Locrin had to fulfill his promise to marry Gwendolyn. Estrildis became King Locrin’s mistress and Hafren was soon born. Upon King Cornelious’ death, King Locrin divorced Gwendolyn and married Princess Estrildis. Gwendolyn was angry and vengeful. Gwendolyn order that Estrildis and her daughter be thrown into the river and drowned.

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The Origin of the Name Siani

The name Siani is a feminine name of Welsh origin and its this language in which the name originated. Its variants are Siany and Siana.

The masculine forms of the name are Evan, Lefan, Leuan, Ifan, Ioan, Iwan, and Siôn. Other languages and cultures of the different forms of the name can be found in African American, Basque, Biblical, Biblical Greek, Biblical Latin, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Late Roman, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Medieval French, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Scottish, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenia, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukrainian.

How To Pronounce Siani

The Welsh pronunciation of this name is Shah-nee and is a two syllable word.

The Meaning of Siani

Siani means God Is Gracious.

How Popular Is The Name?

The popularity of Siani is one in eighty eight thousand three hundred and twenty eight, making it a very unique girl’s name and ranking at number three thousand three hundred and thirty on the top chart of the national baby girl name.

The name peaked in 1998 and hit an all-time low in 2008.

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The Meaning Behind The Name Blodwyn

Blodwyn the Welsh name for Flower
Blodwyn the Welsh name for Flower

The Blodwyn pronunciation is BLOD-wen and is a Welsh name that is specifically for females, but has been issued as a surname.

The Blodwyn name means white flower, fair, and blessed. The meaning of the name is significant because it is derived from the Welsh flower Blodau which is a sacred flower.

The Blodwyn pronunciation is as simple as, a two syllable word and is still meant as a feminine name.


Blodwyn was not in the top 100 Welsh girls’ names in 2015.

Traits of the Name Blodwyn

Someone name Blodwyn is charismatic about life and is a free spirit that doesn’t have a problem making life long friends.

The meaning of Blodwyn gives your child a positive outlook about their life. Expect your little one to be creative and straightforward about any tasks at hand. An individual named Blodwyn is very family oriented and puts the needs of others before their own.

They are also known for being very honest and trustworthy. The popularity of Blodwyn has grew, but is still not listed in the top 100 baby names in the country. The rarity of the name makes it a great name for a child that is expected to be set apart from others because of their extraordinary talents and characteristics.

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Origin and Popularity of the Name Eilwen

Eilwen is an interesting and unique baby girl name. It is a Welsh baby name, and it is one that was not listed in the 100 most popular baby names list in 2015. That is something that should make people more attracted to the name, though, as they realise that not too many people have ever been given the name Eilwen. It is a unique and elegant name.

Meaning of Eilwen

The meaning of Eilwen is possibly white, fair, holy, and blessed. Those are all beautiful things, and they make the name seem even better than just seeing it spelled out and hearing it pronounced.

So, even though the popularity of Eilwen is very low, parents should still consider this beautiful name. It is similar to Gwen, or Gwyn, and it is a name that sounds elegant, and that is special because it is not very popular at all in Wales or anywhere.

Famous People and Things Called Eilwen

Unfortunately we could not find any famous people with the name Eilwen.

Meaning of Eilwen

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Tirion

Tirion is a Welsh girls’ name, and the meaning of the name is “kind or gentle”.


The popularity of Tirion is not too great, with it not reaching the top 100 baby girls names in Wales in 2015, but that just makes it a more special baby name.

Famous Tirions

This name is a great one for girls because it was used in J.R.R. Tolkien’s book. It was the name of a city in the book, and anyone who is a fan of his writing will like this name because of that and because of how unique it is.

There are only a few names that sound similar to this one, and the meaning of Tirion is special, too. The name Tirion means gentle. That is such a beautiful thing, and any parent who gives this name to their baby girl will feel good about it because of what the name means, and because it is not too popular.

Tirion was used as the name of one of the characters in Warcraft, too, and anyone who is a fan of Warcraft or of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works will really appreciate this name.

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Elain: Meaning and Origin

The name Elaine can be spelled in many different ways across different countries. With the fact the name is a female name it is easy to see why many have named there daughters this beautiful name. In Welsh the name is spelled without the letter ‘e’ at the end. Elain is the proper way to spell the name in Welsh.

The name means fawn in its origin. With the name Elain being associated with such a majestic and fragile animal it is very popular among baby girl names.


Elain was not in the top 100 baby girls’ names in Wales during 2015.


Elain is a lovely names, just a the animal found on the Disney classic Bambi the name Elain is also a very delightful name. Coming from Greek origins the name has been around for multiple centuries nearly reaching a millennium of use.

With the name being around for so long and still being used Elain is a great option for a baby girl.

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Meaning of the Name Glesni

The meaning of Glesni is blue or blueness. It is such a pretty name with a unique meaning, and it has been used as the name of a Welsh shop, and also used for the Dyfi Osprey Project.

Popularity of the Name

The name Glesni is one that is not heard too often, as it is not one of the most popular names in Wales.

It did not make the top 100 most popular list in 2015, but the popularity of name does not matter nearly as much as what the name sounds like and means.

How to Pronounce the name Glesni

Some might wonder how to pronounce Glesni, and there is a simple answer to that. The name is pronounced ‘Gless-nee’, and it sounds really pretty when it is said out loud.


Just because the name is not all that popular doesn’t mean that it is not a great name. The way that this name is spelled and pronounced makes it the perfect pretty name for any young girl.

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