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Origins of the Name Ceri

Ceri has its origins in the Celtic languages of Welsh and French. The name is both a male and female name.

The girl’s form of the name actually is a shortened form of the girl’s name Ceridwen which means “fair or blessed poetry”.

It is also thought that the meaning of Ceri is ‘love’ and originates from the the Welsh word caru.

How to Pronounce Ceri?

Ceri is a simple name consisting of 2 syllables, pronounced as KE-ri

Similar Celtic Names to Ceri

Types of Ceri incorporate the Welsh Cari, the name Caris, the Welsh Caryl, the Welsh Carys, the Welsh Cerian, the Welsh Cyril, the name Ceris, the English and Welsh Cerys, and the Irish Keri.

Popularity of the Name

Ceri is exceptional as a child young lady name but the popularity of Ceri is not at a high. What’s more, It wasn’t in the top 100 baby girls’ names in Wales in 2016. However this names was more popular in the 1990’s in England and Wales reaching the heights of the 357th most popular female name in 1997.

Famous People with the Name Ceri

Unfortunately there are not too many famous people called Ceri. IMDb move database credits Ceri Bostock who starred in the film Merlin War of the Dragons and Ceri Bethan who was in the the series Criminal Minds.

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Origin and Popularity of the Name Gwenda

Gwenda Thomas the Welsh Labour Politician
Gwenda Thomas, a Welsh Labour Politician

The name Gwenda originated in Welsh. The popularity of Gwenda reigned in the 20th century, being connected to the form of a saint.

There were four famous people named Gwenda- Gwenda Hawkes (British race car driver), Gwenda Morgan (British artist), Gwenda Owen (Welsh singer), and Gwenda Thomas (Welsh politician).

Meaning and Origin of the Name Gwenda

The meaning Gwenda is “fair, good.” It is associated with “lovely.” The name was first listed in 1930 and the popularity of Gwenda, became astounding in America during the 1950’s. Gwenda was also a popular character in the Agatha Christie novel in 1976 and a character in the miniseries “World Without End.”

Variations in the Name

There are also nicknames and variations of Gwenda such as- Gwennda, Gwynda, Gwinda and the lovely name Gwen. The meaning of Gwenda is special.

People with this name tend to be romantic, passionate, and have a magnetic personality. Many who are born with this name usually follow professions in fields where they can lend a helping hand. It’s an amazing name for a girl and has history and culture associated with it.

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Meaning of Blodeuwedd

Blodeuwedd meaning Flower Face
Blodeuwedd meaning Flower Face

Based on the mythological text Mabinogi, the meaning of Blodeuwedd is “face of flowers”, or “flower face”. She was created by Gwydion for his nephew Lleu Llaw Gyffes from the blossoms of broom, meadow-sweet, and oak.

Beautiful but unfaithful, she is eventually punished for infidelity by eternal transformation into an owl.

Thus, the name Blodeuwedd encompasses both grace and rebellion, romance and tragedy.

Popularity of Blodeuwedd

According to common baby-naming websites, the popularity of Blodeuwedd is low, rarely found outside of the United Kingdom. It does not appear in the top 100 popular names of 2017.

In Popular Culture

John Steinbeck briefly mentions the name Blodeuwedd in his story Sweet Thursday (1954).
The story and name of Blodeuwedd is used in the Alan Gardner novel The Owl Service (1967), and the Welsh book and film, Tylluan Wen.
The Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru has revived the classic story of Blodeuwedd, setting it during World War II.

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Meaning and Origin of the Nmae Arwen

The popularity of Arwen, a Welsh baby girls name, is not as great as a lot of baby girls names in Wales. It wasn’t one of the one hundred most popular names in 2015, but the name Arwen is still beautiful.

The pronunciation is simple, the spelling is easy, and the meaning is “fair” or “fine.” The meaning is perfect for a baby girl, and that is part of what makes it a great name even though it is not too popular.

Famous People Called Arwen

Liv Tyler played Arwen in the film Lord of the Rings
Liv Tyler played Arwen in the film Lord of the Rings

Some of the reasons why people will recognise the name Arwen are because of Arwen Colles and because of a fictional character named Arwen in J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel. Arwen Colles is an area of small hills on Saturn, and that is a special reason to choose the name.


The name Arwen isn’t too popular in Wales (not in the top 100 baby girls’ names in 2017), but it is still a pretty sounding name and one that can be easily spelled and pronounced. The meaning of Arwen is a great reason to choose it for a baby girl, as well.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Eirian

The meaning of Eirian is “silver”, and it also comes from a name that means “beautiful” or “bright”.


The name Eirian didn’t make it to being one of the 100 most popular Welsh names in the year 2015, but the popularity of Eirian doesn’t matter because it is still a pretty girl name.

How to pronounce Eirian

The name is pronounced Eye-Ree-Anne, and it sounds beautiful when spoken out loud.

Famous People with the Name Eirian

The Gymnast Eirian Smith
The Gymnast Eirian Smith

There are a few notable people with the name Eirian, and one of those people is Eirian Smith, who is a gymnast. Eirian Llwyd was a Welsh artist, and Jennie Eirian Davies was a Welsh politician and also a magazine editor.

There are many reasons to love the name, from the pronunciation Eirian to the spelling and the fact that it is a more unique name. It was used as the name of a few celebrities and notable people, and it is a simple name that is not too unique, even though it is also not too popular.

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The Meaning of Beti

The traditionally feminine Beti name is the Welsh term for what many know as Betty and is diminutive of Elisabeth. While the name is typically associated with females, it can also be a unisex name.

The Welsh meaning of Beti is graceful, strong and happy. Originally, the name came from the Latin for Beatrix, she who brings happiness. In Spanish, Beti is also the nickname for Beatrix.

An example of someone with the first name Beti is Beti George a Welsh TV and radio broadcaster.


The name is moderately popular in Wales; however, from 2008 to 2012 the popularity of the name in the United States was consistent. In 2012 the popularity of Beti has been consistently on an incline with over 5,000 girls carrying the name so far in 2017. It’s interesting that in 2007, there were over 13,000 Beti’s in the United States.

Traits of Someone Called Beti

If you are a believer in the Kabalarian Philosophy, which is a study that explains who we are and is the basis for our health, happiness, and spiritual natures, the name offers more insights like:
• You’re a lover of nature
• You tend to be restless and inquisitive
• You have intense wishes
• You either have or will contribute to humanity in a significant way
• You lack patience and focus, and although you are capable of being highly analytical, you don’t like to stick with one topic too long
• You are creative, have lofty ideals
• You can be resentful and dramatic and may display temper tantrums and moodiness
• From a health perspective, you are prone to nervousness, indigestion, and ulcers may develop

Similar Names

Other names that are closely related to Beti include (please not these are not Welsh names):
• Beauty
• Betty or Bettie
• Bitty
• Buddy
• Beatty
• Bittu
• Bade
• Beata

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Meaning of the name Manod

The girls name Manod is one that is steeped very well in the history of Wales. The meaning of Manod is one that is very broad. It describes a person that is well educated and one that is very philosophical and creative. One that prevails and stands above all the rest. Philosophy and creativity is certainly a word that can describe someone from Wales for sure.

Famous People and Places Called Manod

The name Manod can be found all over Wales. Some of the famous figures and places that are associated with Manod include mountains such as Manod Mawr in Gwenedd. Several famous authors from Wales have included Manod in their writings and they are ones such as John Marius Wilson and John Bartholomew. The books they were known for writing include Manod, Llyn y Manod and Llyn Manod.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Manod as a girls name is one that has seen a decline over the past several years. Manod though is still one that has a deep history in the country of Wales.

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The Name Luned

Luned a Welsh girl’s name and it origins from the Wales.  You would not typically find this name in other  parts of the world.

Meaning of Luned

The most notable meaning of Luned is mainly known from Welsh mythology as a heroine who goes on to save a knight Owen and is romantic in it’s nature as well as being more common a feminine name in the welsh country.

The name Luned is also based off of another name used mainly in Wales which is Eiluned. Eiluned is derived from the welsh language word cilun. Cilun is to when describing an idol figure or is an actual idol.


The popularity of Luned as being a common name among the people of Wales for either boys or girls is quite low, in fact, it is ranked as not even in the top 100 names for Welsh people.

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The Meaning of The Name of Delwen

The name Delwen is the Welsh female version for the name of Delwyn. What is the meaning of Delwen?

The meaning of the Welsh girls name Delwen is this. Delwen stands for pretty and fair or pretty and white. The name is modern in invention and is completely Welsh in origin.

Some of the names that are similar to this one do include Delyth, which is also Welsh, and Elowen that is Cornish.

Usage of the Name

The meaning of the name Delwen is clear. However, do take note, it is a baby girls name that is used the world over and in a number of different places. The countries that this name is used in, are English-speaking countries, but they may also speak different languages as well. Wales is one of them.


If you do consider naming your baby Delwen, it is highly advised that you not only know the meaning of Delwen, but also to know its history and background. It is because this name will play an important role in your baby’s life and she will hear it spoken every day.

Delwen is a more modernised Welsh name for a girl and it is derived from the original Welsh name of Delwyn. Delwyn is a boy’s name and it was taken from the Welsh element del that means pretty and combined with the word gwyn that stands for fair and pretty in the Welsh language.


The popularity of Delwen wasn’t big in 2015 (not in the top 100 baby girl’s names in Wales).

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Origin of the Girl’s Name Hafren

The name Hafren is Welsh and is a form of the Celtic name Sabrina. It means the Sevren River in England. The name Hafren also means summer.

History of the name Hafren

History of the name Hafren states that long ago there was a British Princess named Hafren who’d drowned in the River Severn at the hand of her wicked stepmother, Gwendolyn who disowned her. Hafren was named for the River Severn. Princess Hafren was born the daughter of King Locrin of the Britons and his lover, Estrildis, the Germanic princess.

The King had discovered Estrildis who was the daughter of a Germanic king had been smuggled to England by Chief Humber the Hun and rescued by King Locrin. Discovering her on one of the ships, the king fell in love with the princess. He had been promised to Gwendolyn, the daughter of King Corineus of Cornwall, and Locrin had to fulfill his promise to marry Gwendolyn. Estrildis became King Locrin’s mistress and Hafren was soon born. Upon King Cornelious’ death, King Locrin divorced Gwendolyn and married Princess Estrildis. Gwendolyn was angry and vengeful. Gwendolyn order that Estrildis and her daughter be thrown into the river and drowned.

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